Precision Solar Tracking Controller

First design a module with general purpose μP with 2 native Ethernet ports to be used in future designs by the customer. Then create a carrier board for controlling the solar tracking mechanics.
The design was based on a PowerPC 5125 from Freescale. The module was created with DDR2 memories and 1Gb Nand Flash, 3 ports Ethernet switch was added so the module has 3 Ethernet ports. The carrier has 2 switched Ethernets for failsafe connection and other port for maintenance.
Precision Solar Tracking Controller

Designed to work in hard environmental conditions. Its main characteristics are:
• 4 Solenoid valves control up to 24V and 2A
• Tilt sensors measurements
• Failsafe Ethernet connectios
• Current and voltage sensing with adaptation board up to 1Kv and 10A per panel
• -40º to +85ºC Temperature range

Programming (OS,BSP)